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Rain Tiara
2017.09.26 「CoolBoy×CoolGirl」をVer1.01に更新。 スタッフロールを修正しました。
Rain Tiara
2017.09.25 「CoolBoy×CoolGirl」と「バルカローレと少女の記憶」を公開しました。
「リバース・ゲーム」が400ダウンロードを突破しました。ありがとうございます! 年内にゲーム内容の追加を考えています。内容が固まり次第告知しますのでお楽しみに!
公開中のニワトリを避けながら上へ行くだけのゲーム「上まで行け」 現在新ステージを制作中。
幼子の魔人 ブラウザ版のマルチデプロイメントとなりました。 最後の手段として遊んでください。
『花火とオレと私と僕と。』 ・スチル3枚ほど心機一転しました! ・top画変更。
吹き飛ばしアクション「ヤシーユオールスター 大困戦スタジアムバトル」が奇跡の大幅アップデート 720ステージまで増え、アクションエディター製ゲーム最大規模のボリュームとなりました。
2D格闘作品「カラーズパーティー~THE ROLL UP "END"~」を更新しました。 中ボスを含めたストーリー実装、新システム追加、バランス調整など盛りだくさんの更新内容。前バージョンをプレイ済みの方はもちろん、乗り遅れてしまった格闘ゲーマーの方も是非!
魔人達に 作りかけ版を投稿した奴です。 基本30分で終わります。よろしくです。
リミッタミニットver1.0.2投稿しました! 不具合の修正となります。 user_dataフォルダをコピペすればセーブデータの引継ぎが可能です。 未プレイの方も是非遊んでくださいな!
こんばんは。刺身です。OFF派生flower、完成版=200DL、未完成版=500DL行ったようです。ありがとうございますm(__)m 完成版はバグ報告ばかりの毎日ですが(笑) エンディング複数ほしいとの意見をもらいました。ありがたい。 また色々作ってます。また報告しますぞ。
「チーちゃんの冒険MV」ダウンロード版の累計ダウンロード数が500に到達しました!遊んでくださったみなさま、ありがとうございますm(*_ _*)m

Group Service:Freem! Stock Library

Freem!StockLibrary(music/se/jingle/voice/illustlation materials) It is a website that you can purchase music / illustration material that you can use for game creation. When using it for free games, since there are also more than 7000 "Free License" compatible materials that can be used from 0 yen, high-quality materials can be used safely with hobby creation. Convenient when you need help finding materials.

Freem!StockLibrary(music/se/jingle/voice/illustlation materials)

Tutorial on how to play free games.

Tutorial on how to play free games. "I do not know how to play free games," "I am worried about viruses," "I can not download it," "Game does not work", and so on, a tutorial illustration that solves the problems of beginners of free games. It is very convenient when you are in trouble or explaining to those in need.

Tutorial on how to play free games.

Let's start game development!

Game development tools list Do not you think that "I want to try making a game" if you are playing a free game application or reading everyone's reviews, are not you? Many free development tools are released on the web such as tools that even beginners can output games at once. If you feel like creating it, try experiencing the fun of game development. In the beginning, please try with simple contents such as "output short sentences as games".

Game development tools list(Recommended tools / Websites with good materials)

Works by Freem!

# [App(Android/iOS)] Dig the Earth

Easy digging game to tap 400 million times. Relax and enjoy it without thinking anything. The inside of your head may be empty and refreshing. If you have a smartphone, please try playing.
iPhoneApp | AndroidApp

# PC games.

We have released some games for PC. When you are tired of playing, you may be healed very much. Please take a moment to relax.
Brand page on Freem!

# LINE Stickers

These are the stickers that can be used on the LINE of the smartphone application. We have released a lot. It may improve your friend's reaction, so please try using it.
Sticker lists by Freem!

Kaidan Fes
OneMap Fes

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Amazing Road Sign
Amazing Road Sign4 ver Joke
To those who play free games for the first time.

Free games for PCs published on Google are free games and free trial version, so they can all be played for free. Free games are released free of charge mainly for game software that individual producers produce with their hobbies. Therefore, anyone can play for free. It is not necessary to register membership. There are also many free high-quality games, there are games that are popular in live video and commercial deployed. Many games on this website are game applications for Windows that download and play. Unlike online games, download games that you download and enjoy are the main streams that you can play offline. There are games you can play with the browser, you can play with DL unnecessary. All free games distributed on Google are checked by antivirus software and checked for operation. For creators who are publishing free games, everyone's review of "It was fun!" Is cheerful. By all means, please search Google for your favorite free game.