About game distribution on Freem!


Freem! Is working daily as a bridge to deliver the game you created to players all over the world.Creators can deliver download-type offline games that can be played on Windows and HTML5 browser games (HTML 5 version only for specified game development tool output).Uploaded games will be released after a brief review.The purpose of the review is not judgment of quality. It is to check whether the player can play with peace of mind.A trial version can also be delivered if membership registration is not required and you can play offline.Application for registration is very easy, it ends immediately with input of game information and uploading game file.When delivery starts, you can deliver the game to many players all over the world and you can publish the game without worrying about server load and line speed.

Benefits of delivering on Freem!

Benefit1The download count is counted. You can see it from the management screen.
Benefit2By download analysis function, statistical data such as gender ratio, age group / region, etc. are displayed. It makes it easy to understand the person who likes your game.
Benefit3Basically, because we conduct category selection and game screen capture, you are comfortable.
Benefit4Up to 2 gigabyte of game files can be uploaded. You can distribute without worrying about capacity.
Benefit5Because players all over the world play, games may become popular in other countries. (There are many translation examples by volunteers)
Benefit6You can automatically notify the player at the time of upgrading such as bug fixes.

Reliable to deliver on Freem!

Reliable1We review all reviews posted by users. We delete unfounded criticisms and personality criticism / slander.Review function OFF and individual deletion are also possible.
Reliable2With more than 40 million game delivery records and load balancing technology, you can deliver game superior to line speed and stability, rather than using paid servers and storage yourself.
Reliable3It is not necessary to enter personal information such as an address. You can easily publish the game.
Reliable4Since free game distribution has been continuously carried out beyond 10 years or more since 2000, we have a track record as a long-term game delivery place.
Reliable5Scanning with multiple antivirus software and activities to prevent mixing files and inappropriate files from mixing can deliver to players in a safer state.

How to deliver free games on Freem!

Step1Please sign up Freem! ID. It is user registration to use the function of Freem! Sign up.
Step2Sign in and access the "Creator's Central" page. And register your brand. (Register publisher name)
Step3After registering the brand, enter the game information, upload the game file and finish. It will be published if there is no problem after the end of the review. * Click here for review guidelines