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S man

  • S man Game Screen Shot1
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little shit STG game

 # Play time

# Game description
try your best to beat the terrorist.

# List features of this game

# Production tools
cocos creator

# Development period

# About posting reviews on Freem!
first kuso game for myself,
hope you guys enjoy it. merry xmas!

# About posting fan illustrations on Freem!
I wound't look forward to, but if there is, I appreciate it.

# About live / live broadcast

Please put "game title" in the title of the movie and put this game page URL or official site URL in the explanation text.
I wish to browse videos 揃 live broadcasting while not subscribing to video site.

* Please refrain from slander or anything that breaks the view of the world of the work. Please protect your manner.
(If there is something you may ask you to delete, but we appreciate your cooperation)

# Disclaimer
Because of personal hobby activities, there is no guarantee about behavior and contents. Please use it at your own risk.

ReadMe(Instructions & Credit notation etc.)

[File name] Sman.zip
[Current Version] 1.01
[Size] 7,314 KByte
[OS] Win Browser
[Characteristics] Violence
[Content Rating] AGE 15+
[Registered] 2020-12-27
[File Updated] 2020-12-27
[Updated] 2020-12-27

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