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Half of the World

  • Half of the World Game Screen Shot1
  • Half of the World Game Screen Shots
  • Half of the World Game Screen Shot2
  • Half of the World Game Screen Shot3

You don’t know the power of the king side

 ■Play time
It is around five minutes

■Game introduction sentence
The demon king approached a brave man with business

■I increase by friend ば in a list up choice with the characteristic of this game

■Production tool
RPG ツクール MV

■Development period
It is around 2nd by a correction.

■Aboutふりーむ! review contribution

Because is the thing which produced by a personal hobby; please don't be too hard.

◆Thank you of review

■Aboutふりーむ! fan illustration contribution

I wait!

■About the real condition, live broadcasting

I welcome you!

I put "a game name" in the title of the animation, and, please classify this game page URL or producer site URL into an explanation.
It is saved even if I do not make a sign-in in the animation site when I can read an animation, live broadcasting.

※ The thing disturbing the view of the world of slander slander and the work, please wait. I follow a manner and would like it.
(if there is anything, I may ask for deletion, but, please cooperate)


For personal hobby activity, there is no guarantee about movement and contents. Please use it by the responsibility of own.













※ 誹謗中傷や作品の世界観を壊すものはお控えください。マナーを守ってお願いします。



ReadMe(Instructions & Credit notation etc.)

[File name] how.zip
[Current Version] 1.00
[Size] 107,125 KByte
[OS] Win Browser
[Content Rating] EVERYONE
[Registered] 2019-08-15
[File Updated] 2019-08-15
[Updated] 2020-02-01

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かぱ 2020-01-31 00:14:17


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