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  • Dawn of Seltiria Game Screen Shots

Dawn of Seltiria

  • Dawn of Seltiria Game Screen Shot1
  • Dawn of Seltiria Game Screen Shots

Saving the world and friendship.

 In a planet called Seltiria, humans and benevolent monsters called Luminus were created by “The Divine Creator”, coexisting to help each other. However, the Luminus started to go berserk, attacking humans with unknown reason. Lentis and his three friends are tasked by King Roland to investigate as to why the Luminus have now become their enemies, as the four discovers a shocking truth of their planet’s status.

Story, Event Programming, Design and Lead Development: Tatsumi
Game Artist: ChiiTuna

From: ‎Tuesday, ‎March ‎31, ‎2020, ‏‎8:40:28 PM
To: July 22, 2020, 11:25:56 AM

Current Version: 1.0

FSM, Hakunejiya, Ansimuz, Momomohouse, Full Pledged Material, Bougainvillea, Teddy, Spieral Wind, Bakeneko Materials and CLOSET

Music: Wingless Seraph, Ongaku Soudai, Studio Murasato and Wind Sphere
Sound Effects: ObsydianX

Engine: RPG Maker 2003

Copyright: Enterbrain, INC. and YOJI OJIMA - All Rights Reserved

This is a free game.

[File name] dawnofseltiria.rar
[Current Version] 1.0
[Size] 110,270 KByte
[Runtime] DirectX
[OS] Win 2000/NT/ME/XP/VISTA 32bit/7 64bit/8 64bit/10 32bit/10 64bit
[Content Rating] AGE 12+
[Registered] 2021-09-03
[File Updated] 2021-09-03
[Updated] 2021-09-03

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