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  • HAIGATO Game Screen Shot1
  • HAIGATO Game Screen Shots
  • HAIGATO Game Screen Shot2
  • HAIGATO Game Screen Shot3
  • HAIGATO Game Screen Shot4
  • HAIGATO Game Screen Shot5

Military x Speculation Horror

 "Military x Speculation Horror"

This game was made with speculation in mind and leaves some questions unanswered.
It was designed with multiple playthroughs in mind. Players will need to draw their own conclusions from the hints offered within the game.
If you enjoy speculation or coming up with your own version of a story, this may be the game for you.

*This game is intended for computers and may not function properly on smartphones.
 Playing it on a computer is advised.

Haigato's official site has an English page! Check it out if you need help.
You can find detailed information on updates and hints on the story at our website.

Genre: Horror Adventure

Platime: 30~60 minutes (Varies by ending)

Made with: RPG maker MV

Features: This isn't an action game, so there's no controllable chase scenes or battles. You use hints collected in game to figure things out. There are multiple endings.

■ May I post a review on freem?

Sure, but please remember that we just made this game for fun and be gentle.

■ May I post fanart on freem?

Please do.

■ May I upload a Let's Play of this game?

You may. Please refer to our website for more details.

Please include the game's title in your video's title and link to either this page or our webpage in the caption.
We would appreciate it if you posted your video on a website that doesn't require membership to view.
Videos intended for commercial purposes are forbidden.
*Please use common sense and mind your manners. Please avoid being rude or hurtful and please don't do anything wildly out of character with the game's characters and setting.
(We may ask you to delete something if we find it necessary.)


This game was made for the fun of it and we make no promises about its content. Play at your own risk.


ReadMe(Instructions & Credit notation etc.)

[File name] Haigato.zip
[Current Version] 1.03
[Size] 215,856 KByte
[OS] Win Browser
[Characteristics] Violence
[Content Rating] AGE 15+
[Registered] 2018-04-09
[File Updated] 2018-07-18
[Updated] 2018-07-20

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