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[Estrus Old Woman]Instructions(2018.01.07)

*View of the world
I will not say what the year is the year.
You awaken as God,
To regain the lost power,
Absorbs estrus energy of old woman,
I am urged by an angel in front of me to repair myself.
With God's ability to freely travel back and forth,
"Hanuman's Heart" peering into the heart,
"The sickle of Tanatos" that put an end to fate,
And by the mental power of the player,
As much as possible estrus old woman,
We will reap energy at the brinks beyond the line.
Would you be able to regain the power of God,
Or let the earth go beyond the line, will the whole earth perish?
Good luck.

*Operation overview
When it comes to the play screen, "return" and "advance"
Together with the two buttons, there are "heart" and "scythe" buttons.
Advance and return time, referring to the heart read in "heart"
Please reap with 'Sickle' in old woman's best estrus.
Even if it says "Sickle" separately, relieve because it does not kill.
If we go forward too much, old woman crosses the line,
The Earth and you are the end of the road. . It is game over.
Although five stages are usually prepared,
When I got the best esthetic energy all,
An angel in front of me may tell me something.
By the way, in the highest state and the other states,
The sound when you clear each round is different.
Do not forget that reading the mind is the strongest ability.
The women who appear are obscurely 48 years old, 65 years old, 95 years old, 47 years old, 47 years old (second time).

*Materials borrowing site

The God of the symbol of death that appears in Greek mythology.
It is said to be a child of the dark queen Nyus of the night.
Its appearance is like a human with wings of birds.
In this game I symbolized a sickle, but in myths I do not have a sickle.
Because I clearly made a mistake setting, forgive me.
Prince Rama, the incarnation of Vishnu, a pillar of the Hindu god
(The main character of "Ramayana") There is a person,
The monkey king who served him was Hanuman.
It shows various tremendous power, but its heart of loyalty is strong,
With my heart breaking, in my heart only Prince Rama and Sheita its Princess
It showed that it exists.
In this game I used my name as my heart to look into my heart.

*Notes on this software
It is strictly prohibited to distribute without permission.
Because materials are borrowed and the terms of use are severe.
Also, the author, by this game,
I will not compensate for any situation.

So please enjoy.
And do not get angry.


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