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Break the meteor of "karaage"

Fight the crisis!!
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隕石破壊用エクスキャリア”MEAT(Meteor Especilly Attacking Trooper)”

2018/2/12 公開開始
2018/3/5 画面サイズと解像度を変更可に

<In English>
It is 24 hours to the earth. A meteor is coming.
The Earth Federal Government recognized the name of the meteorite as "karaage".
Members of the outer space entry team who underwritten the meteorite destruction mission succeeded in destroying the meteorite at EX-CARRIER "MEAT (Meteor Especilly Attacking Trooper)" for destroying the meteorite and will return to the earth...
Planning about 10 minutes of play time.
Game comment broadcast OK.
If you can, please contact the author (Cestoner02).
If you want to live broadcasting, entrust to user.
However, stop broadcasting of sad things about others and other's slender.
This game is participating in "meat and karaage game select".

2018/2/12 Released by freem
2018/3/5 Changing screen size and resolution

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