3 Minutes or DIE


Defeat Load in 3 Minutes, with items of last hero.


Play quickly and aim for a high score!

It's a game where you have to conquer the Demon King's Castle in real time within three minutes! In addition to the regular battles where you have to cut each other's HP, there are also gimmicks that can reduce the player's remaining time. The game can only be cleared by winning both the battle against the demons and the battle against time. The battles are difficult enough to lose if you are in a hurry, but well-balanced enough to finish quickly. The game is fully equipped with items to conquer gimmicks, so you won't get stuck in the same place over and over again, and it's fun to progress steadily as you cross one corpse after another. The dialogues of the characters along the way are also fun...but I keep hitting the decision key, and since I cut out the Demon Lord's dialogues the first time I cleared the game, I went back to replay and listen to them, and as expected, the Demon Lord was right. It was just as you said (laughs).

No.56269 - 2021-02-13 19:12:21
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