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Blast'em all (Ver102)

  • Blast'em all (Ver102) Game Screen Shot1
  • Blast'em all (Ver102) Game Screen Shots
  • Blast'em all (Ver102) Game Screen Shot2
  • Blast'em all (Ver102) Game Screen Shot3


 これは、当方作品「Missile Something」開発中にて、自ミサイルの爆風の当たり判定や「ステルス効果」(不可視効果)の検分を行う為に作成したサンプルをミニゲーム化したものです。





This is a mini-game which had made from the sample created to confirm the blast's collision detection of My-missiles and the "Stealth effect" (invisible effect) while developing my work "Missile Something".
Let's blast all the invisible enemies that are moving restless with limited missiles within the limited time.

・Genre: Shmup or action kinds
・Created with HSP
・Operation method is mouse only.
(Moving the lock-on cursor with mouse and bombing with left-click)
・Enemies can be only seen while the blasts being.
・The difficulty (the rest of missiles and the limited time - against the total number of enemies) will become severe as the level increases.
・1 play time could be about 1-2 minutes.

I hope this game would be a small refreshment or de-stress.

[About the tips of getting over the Level 5]
If blasting many enemies with one shot, the process speed will be reduced due to multiplexing of explosion effects.
In that time, I recommend you to bomb with setting your aim at a place where could be blasted them more efficiently.
If you can defeat the about-half number of enemies in the first about 10 blasts, you should be able to play at level 4 difficulty from then.

In fact, this mini-game was created as a replacement when my "Missile Something" had been failed to create.
By the way, this work also have a certain one secret feature, but I'd like to omit to mention because it may be unnecessary one.

[File name] Blast_em_all.zip
[Current Version] Ver102
[Size] 133 KByte
[Runtime] 特になし
[OS] Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP/VISTA 32bit/VISTA 64bit/7 32bit/7 64bit/8 32bit/8 64bit/10 32bit/10 64bit
[Content Rating] EVERYONE
[Registered] 2020-03-25
[File Updated] 2020-03-25
[Updated] 2020-03-25

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