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Wanderer of Yelekedis - English ver.

――......Are you ready to know "Truth"?
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This is an English version made with a very speedy job.
Most of the lines, is the result of machine translation.
I think that strange words are the majority.
If you have a line that you think is "......?", I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

twitter: @Isuzu_Akatsuki


   There used to be a splendour tribe in the earth.
   The name of that tribe is humanity.

   However, that tribe was eventually destroyed.
   Because that tribe tried to burn the earth.

   It is that the atom bomb, horrible slaughter weapons.
   A weapon that burns the ground in a moment,
   dissolves life in heat and kills it.

   That's why that trible was destroyed by the god of the dragon.
   That God is the guardian of Yelekedis.
   The great God's name is Chalice.

   Therefore Chalice is watching the earth of Yelekedis
   from the continent wandering around in the sky.

   Chalice is monitoring the existence so that the earth
   will never get stained again......


 The setting of the story is laid in the world called "Yelekedis".
 There are four tribes that exist in the world in roughly divided parts.

  Perennial youth, wisdom (?) Tribe.
  They live equal time forever.
  Kings / Queens called "Beginning Four Elves" said to be living more than 300 million years.
  There are 4 tribes in the east, west, north and south.

     → "Westan Elf" Blonde similar to the hay color, Blue eyes, White skin.
     → "Eastern Elf" Straight raven hair, Dark brown eyes, Yellow skin.
     → "Northern Elf" Light brown hair, Hazel eyes, Pale skin.
     → "Southern Elf" Frizzled black hair, Black eyes, Brown skin.

  Tribes of a small physique, but excelled in handling Manna.
  Amounts a huge manna in a small body, converts manna into energy through the spirits, and prospers.
  They live in the western part of Eugoldochia Continent.

  "Cait Sith"
  Cat fairy. Isn't evolutionary system of cats and cats.
  Crafty, but somewhere lovable tribes.
  They live in eastern part of Eugoldochia Continent.

  Height is low, handling of manna is poor. But a good physique tribes.
  Are adept at handling of iron and steel, pride is skillful finesse and craftsmanship.
  They live in the southern part of Alentja Continent.

 The player manipulates the boy named Rasiumerus with the prince / princess of the elves
 in the north and south of the east, west, north and south.
 With them as a hero, the story flies to the sky.

 This game is the Multi-End. Mainly have 6 endings.

 A Ending

  1."The Fool"
  2."The Moon"

 B Ending

  1."The Sun"
  2."The Hanged Man"

 C Ending (or No-mark)

  1."The Tower"
  2."Wheel of Fortune" (True End)

 The ending is automatically selected by branching points prepared several times before reaching the final chapter.
 I think that C-2 Ending is the most difficult. Good luck, with those who want to complete!

□Production tools

"Wanderer of Yelekedis" is produced by "WOLF RPGエディター".

  ・WOLF RPGエディター公式サイト [RPG制作ソフト]


 For other details, please visit the official website.


□Update history

[βver ver0.30] release.
         Added new scenario.
          → Chapter 3 - Beyond the mountains, to Chellndune
         Other, fixed bug.

[βver ver0.20] release.
         Changed the character graphics.
         Added new scenario.
          → Chapter 2-Go through the Ruschemure
         Changed OP as skippable.
         Changed fonts.
         Other, fixed bug.

[βver ver0.10] release.

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